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Roofers and Roofing Services for Chester County, Berks County and surrounding area.


New Roofs  Re-roofing Roofing Repair Asphalt Roofs Metal Roofs Standard Seem Roofs.


Chester County, PA Roofing Repair Services:

Sub-Roofing Repair (plywood)  due to water damage Rafter Repair Soffit and Fascia repair/replacement (wood, aluminum, vinyl).  - Because our crew consists of skilled craftsmen we are able to repair any hidden damage that we come across as we repair or replace your roof and/or repair any storm damage that may have been caused by high winds. 


At Twin County Builders, when we look at a job our main concern is how  we can provide a top quality job while being as cost efficient as possible and maintaining a safe working environment. We enjoy receiving calls from people asking us what products we recommend and why we recommend these products. Our goal is a quality job with customer satisfaction as the  main priority


To help protect your property we use the 'Roofers Buggy'.

Roofers BuggyThe roofers buggy is a motorized portable storage container that has been designed specifically for roofing contractors. The container can be raised to the roof so the old roofing debris that is being stripped can be placed directly into the container at roof level. The benefit of using the roofers buggy is that it eliminates throwing the debris off the roof onto tarps or into a truck below.  Throwing roofing debris off the roof can result in small pieces of the old roofing material including nails ending up in the yard and shrubbery.



Our standard roof replacement includes the following materials & services.

  • The old roof & felt paper is stripped.

  • We install new felt paper (30 lb felt).

  • A snow/ice barrier is installed along the edge of the roof (where the gutters are attached).

  • We install new drip edge.

  • We replace vent pipe boots

  • New chimney step & counter flashing is installed.

  • A new ridge vent is installed

  • When installing asphalt shingles we use nails, not staples.

  • When we're finished we use a magnetic sweeper to find & pick up stray nails.

Roofing Materials / Types of roofing installations.

We install the following types of roofing. GAF Logo

  • Asphalt - We recommend 'Timberline 30' from GAF/ELK which is a 30 year roof.
  • Metal Roofs/metal roofing
  •  Standing seam roofs/standing seam roofing - With lifetime warrantee.

Roofing Repairs (During Reroofing)

Depending on how long the roof has needed replaced sometimes we find rotted sub roofing (plywood), rotted rafters tails (the end of the rafter where the rain gutter is attached), and rotted wood fascia.  Any roofing repairs that we might encounter while replacing the roof we can take care of for you. The additional repair costs would be $35.00 per hour plus materials. If we find any signs of mold we will make you aware of this so you can have this addressed by a mold removal specialist because mold can present health hazards.


Roofing Repairs (Storm damage due to wind or hail)

Shingles that have been blown off due to high winds or damaged by hail should be replaced as soon as possible. Exposed areas can lead to costly repairs down the road due to rotten sub roofing and rafters  and mold. Once the insulation in the  attic becomes wet the attic can become a breading ground for mold.  The effects of attic mold can pose a health hazard to the occupants in the home, especially those with respiratory ailments such as asthma or allergies.


Click to go to GAFs's website To see how your home will look with new a new roof use GAF's  Virtual Home Remodeler. You can upload a pic of your house for a realistic view.



These are just a few of the many asphalt shingle colors & styles that are available.


Call us for your free estimate today. We will provide you with all the information you need to decide which roofing system & style you would like installed on your home. 717-587-7927


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